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Jack Fleming has been an Independent Real Estate Settlement Agent for the past 15 years. He is married to his wonderful wife Jill and resides in Germantown, Maryland alongside his two boys. Jack was born in Virginia to an Air Force family and has lived all over the United States. The cultural diversity of the D.C. Metro region is what drew him back to raise his family and pursue his many business interests. He enjoys hiking, swimming, martial arts, and a good laugh.

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Our Specialties

Real Estate Purchases
VA Loans Purchase and Refinance
FHA Loans Purchase and Refinance
Clear Concise Explanation of Documents
Happy Clients, Happy Agents, Happy Lenders, Happy Settlements!!!
Jack Fleming

Jack Fleming

Licensed Title Insurance Producer
Notary Public Commission
District of Columbia

Why the name? What is The Gentleman Closer?

Jack earned this name for his extreme patience and understanding in dealing with issues that arise at the Settlement Table.

His longest Settlement lasted a little over 5 hours due to issues that were beyond the control of all parties involved. Jack was given the moniker of The Gentleman Closer by a very prominent Real Estate Attorney very early in his career as a Settlement Agent. This Attorney received a 3 page letter from a client that commended him for his patience and understanding. Inside this letter, the client mentioned that Jack was a Gentleman 23 times and they really didn’t know what would have happened at the table if it was not for Jack. In an office of over 50 employees, mostly women, that was the worst thing that could happen. Jack was teased and teased by all of these Processors, Escrow Officers and other office workers. As Jack would come an go, the ladies would ask Jack to “Please carry this heavy box, Oh I thought you were a Gentleman!” or “Can you help me get these Files that are really high up on the shelf, Remember your the Gentleman!” and even ” Can you get me a cup of coffee, heat up my lunch and give me a shoulder massage, I thought you were a Gentleman!” After years of good efforts to make Jack more of a Gentleman that he already was, Jack decided to put that moniker on a Card. Thus The Gentleman Closer was born! 

Your Universal Key

If we have met you most likely have one of my business cards and yes I know it is hefty. That was done on purpose. You see, I love what I do and I plan on doing it for the rest of my life so why not emanate that with a long lasting plastic business card that I like to call “Your Universal Key”. It is a universal key because it is really useful when opening locked doors. I have also been told that there are many other uses for it like applying tint, scraping paint, and scratching that itch when you don’t want to use your finger nails.

What ever the use, I want you to keep it! However if you did throw it away, it is biodegradable plastic that will only last a while when buried so please do not feel guilty. I cannot please everyone, but I will sure try to do my best. I also believe that some people you meet in life are just pure evil and there is nothing you can do to break through to the sunshine in their heart. It does not matter to me, I will try to bring you back and help you see the rainbow.

Thank you for your business and if I can be of service in the future, feel free to call or email. I am also available for cook outs, painting parties, moving parties and swimming parties!

The Gentleman Closer business card
82nd Airborne Division Veteran Paratrooper

TGC Settlement Services dba The Gentleman Closer is a Veteran owned small business operating a Real Estate Settlement Services company licensed in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. When you volunteer once, your in the Army. When you volunteer again and make it through training, you are a Paratrooper for life. Airborne!

Maryland Title Insurance Producer License# 99973856
Virginia Title Insurance Producer License# 622945
District of Columbia Title Insurance Producer License# 2893672
National Producer NPN# 8947892

Our office is located in Rockville, Maryland and as a reminder we will service you and your clients anywhere in Maryland. We also cover north or Richmond, Virginia and any location within District of Columbia.

Legal RESPA Disclaimer

TGC Settlement Services dba The Gentleman Closer is an Independent Real Estate Settlement Agent. Our goal is to give the consumer the best experience in their real estate transaction at the best price point. As Licensed Title Insurance Producers we are bound by laws and regulations to uphold the highest ethical practices in our business dealings. At no point does The Gentleman Closer, Jack Fleming or TGC Settlement Services ever receive a referral fee to refer a Realtor, Lender or Title Company. Title Insurance Producers market to Realtors, Title Companies and consumers for their business based on our excellent service and honesty about their transaction and the documents required to execute to complete a Real Estate Purchase or Refinance. Our travel charges are publicly listed and are absorbed by the Title Company at no cost to the consumer. Additionally we offer, solicit and sell Title Insurance as part of our business and receive a percentage of Title Insurance fees for our sales that happen if and when a Real Estate Transaction actually takes place. There are many ways we earn a living and stress that we will not and do not take referral fees of any kind. We work with Agents, Title Companies, and Lenders that are ethical and fair to consumers and comply with all state and federal laws. If you attempt to offer us a referral fee, we will report you and cease doing business with you. We might even visit you in jail to tell you we told you so. There is a right way and wrong way to do business and we only do business the right way, within the law.